West Studio

The West Studio is the Capitol Art original that has been around the block and seen it all. Nearly 4,000 square feet offers your production plenty of space to spread out and be productive yet comfortable, and the massive 40’ cyc is a photographer’s dream.

It’s unassuming from the outside and awe-inspiring on the inside, a true hidden gem in San Francisco. If you need a cyc, private conference room, separate hair & make up, or just really want to impress your clients, the West Studio is the place to be.


3,700 sq. ft. total 30x40’ shooting area Cyclorama - 40’ wide, 17’ high, 20’ return 17’ unobstructed ceiling height Up to 35’ clearance in peak areas 13’ roll-up door for loan-in & out Parking for 2 vehicles Wifi Sonos music system Private conference room Kitchenette overlooking studio Separate hair & makeup area Two single use restrooms Extra large conference table Lounge area 4 skylights (blackout available)