Announcing: The East Studio


Now Available

The East Studio is Capitol Art’s long awaited little sister.  She’s young, hip, and fun to hang out with but make no mistake, she’s also a feisty little creative powerhouse who means business and likes to get sh*t done. She takes cues from her big brother but has a style all her own. 

With ~3200 square feet of space and the same soaring ceilings as the West Studio, this new addition is hardly "little". Located right next door and due East, the roll-up door means there's plenty of interior space for your grip or set trucks, and nearly 1,000 square feet of "living space" offers comfort to you and the crew. 

The East studio is now booking as a stand-alone studio or in conjunction with the West Studio for a massive production space unlike any other! 

Stay tuned for more photos and the official opening party, both coming soon.


East Studio Amenities


3,200 square feet
Up to 2,200 square feet of production space
1,000 square feet of living space
2 single use restrooms
Beautiful kitchenette
Lounge area
2 skylights
Wifi & Sonos
Roll up door with 13' clearance for truck load-in & out
2 parking spots included (one inside + one on-street)
17' unobstructed ceiling height in production area